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Sniper Elite 3 reveal trailer brings death from afar

The first trailer for Sniper Elite 3 shows a trained killer hunting his prey in North Africa.

In the trailer, a German officer flees an unseen threat in an uncovered car, his driver pushing the vehicle as fast as it will go. The state of the other passenger in the car, who flops around lifelessly with a bloody hole in his skull, indicates just what it is that they're fleeing from.

Of course, running doesn't save them; not all kills have to be headshots.

Set in the North Africa theater of World War II, Sniper Elite 3 will be hitting current-and-next-gen platforms in 2014. Judging from the logos at the end of the trailer, the game will also be launching on Windows PC via Steam, though it will not be coming to Wii U.

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