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C-Wars demo released for Windows PC, Linux and Mac

China-based indie developer Onipunks released the latest PC demo for its roguelike real-time strategy game C-Wars.

Available to download from Onipunks website for Windows PC, Linux and Mac, C-Wars Alpha 1.6 demo was showcased at the recent Tokyo Game Show. Gameplay instructions are listed on the website.

The "cyberpunk apocalypse roguelike" is set in the near future on the colonized moon. When two of the satellite's cities become infected by creatures called "crystal mutants," the government decides to obliterate the locations using nuclear weapons. As a field commander, players must work out a way to save the cities from destruction.

Onipunks launched a Kickstarter campaign for C-Wars in April, achieving its initial funding goal of $32,000 within 6 days of its launch. The campaign collected $95,574 in pledges, passing several stretch goals, such as securing support for Wii U, Nintendo 3DS and the addition of a Cyber-Lover Mode.

C-Wars made it through the Steam Greenlight community voting process in August, along with 99 other titles including Escape Goat, Mutant Mudds and Precursor Games' Shadow of the Eternals.

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