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Double Fine hosting indie event with Broken Age demo, unannounced games

Local San Francisco gamers will have the chance to play unannounced titles from Double Fine and Gaijin Games, as well as the first playable demo of Broken Age, during indie collaboration Day of the Devs, Double Fine producer Greg Rice recently told Polygon.

The free event, which will host Capy Games, Supergiant Games, Honeyslug, Tribute Games, the creator of SpyParty and more, opens its doors Nov. 2 from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m. PT at the Public Works in San Francisco. Attendees must be 21 and older and will have the chance to mingle with representatives from each studio. Fez creator Phil Fish will be on hand as the event's DJ.

Demos from each developer will be ready to play, including Supergiant's Transistor and Capy's Super Time Force. Broken Age, Double Fine's Kickstarter-funded point-and-click adventure, will also be available in "an open demo where [players] are free to roam wherever they may," Rice told us. Broken Age stars Vella and Shay, two teens stuck in different worlds. At Day of the Devs, attendees will be able to play a section featuring Vella, the female character.

Rice told Polygon inspiration for Day of the Devs sparked from Double Fine's desire to present the game's first playable demo to the public. From there, it "organically took shape" as a showcase festival for indie games.

"A lot of [the studios at the event] are full of really genuine and creative people who are all really passionate about the games that they're making," Rice said. "It's a list of games curated by us at Double Fine and iam8bit, and I think that it just happens to be games we're excited about from people we admire."

Events like Day of the Devs are also a way to keep the barrier of entry between developer and fans to a minimum, Rice added.

"[Day of the Devs is about] sharing that experience that we've had such a good time with — which is really allowing developers to directly interact with their fans on a human level," Rice said.

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