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Valve hosting 'off the record' dev conference with access to prototype Steam Machines

Valve plans to host Steam Dev Days, a two-day game developer's conference offering "a relaxed, off the record environment," on Jan. 14-16, 2014 in Seattle, according to the event's official website.

According to the event's description, attendees will have the opportunity to share industry expertise, take part in roundtable discussions and attend lectures about game economies to virtual reality, Linux/OpenGL, user-generated content and more. Participating developers will be able to "test-drive and provide feedback" on Steam OS, prototype Steam Machines and Steam Controllers, along with "direct access" to Valve's Steam Team.

Pre-registrations are now open and a fee of $95 is required for reservation confirmation. Valve advises that an invitation guarantees a place until Oct. 25, when registrations will open on to first-come-first-served basis. Valve will provide more information about sessions and speakers on the website in the near future.

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