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The Dark Mod standalone unleashed with v 2.0 rollout

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Looking Glass Studios' The Dark Mod, a total conversion mod developed to "recreate the tone and gameplay of the original Thief series," is now a standalone stealth game with the release of v 2.0.

The Dark Mod was initially developed because its creators wanted to see what a Thief game would like in a "more modern engine." Until now, previous versions of the mod required Doom 3 to run. Development of The Dark Mod began in 2004, with the first beta releasing in 2008 followed by v 1.0 rollout in 2009.

Interested parties can download the game directly from The Dark Mod website. Unfortunately, its servers are taking a beating so Looking Glass Studios have made a torrent available. There are currently more than 60 fan missions available with an unofficial campaign in development. The standalone includes new gameplay features, dozens of AI and custom art assets.