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Pokemon X and Y early sellers will be penalized, says Nintendo

Video game retailers in Brazil who break Saturday's street date for Pokemon X and Y will be penalized, according to a pamphlet issued by Nintendo.

The pamphlet, posted above and shared by Go Nintendo, warns that if a store begins selling the games prior to Oct. 12, Nintendo will withhold future product shipments until after their intended release date — effectively ensuring that the offending store will not have the games ready on launch day.

Pokemon X and Y will launch worldwide this Saturday, Oct. 12 for Nintendo 3DS. Read our interview with director Junichi Masuda on the changes Game Freak has made to the series for its first 3D installment, or our review here.

Polygon has reached out to Nintendo for more details on these pamphlets and to ask if they have been sent to retailers in other regions. We'll share more details as we have them.

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