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Double Fine's Costume Quest now available on iOS

Double Fine Production's Costume Quest is now available for iOS, according to its listing on the iTunes App Store.

For $4.99 players can dig into the whimsical role-playing game, which first launched on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade in 2010. The game was ported to Windows PCs in October 2011 and arrived on Mac and Linux this past May.

Costume Quest is set on Halloween night and stars a group of children trick-or-treating. A monster kidnaps the players' sibling, whom they must rescue while getting their companions home again before curfew.

Those who buy Costume Quest on the App Store can also get the Grubbins on Ice downloadable content for $1.99. In this add-on piece of storyline, which takes place after the main game, the protagonists find a portal to the monster's world and must against save another kidnapped companion. Powers and costumes carry over to the DLC from the main game, but the pack includes additional new costumes and abilities.

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