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Darkest Dungeon trailer introduces an 'uncompromising RPG'

A trailer released this week for Darkest Dungeon sets the tone for Red Hook Studios' self-described "uncompromising RPG about the true cost of adventuring."

Check out the trailer above to learn of the bravado, the hopes and the emotional costs that weigh upon those who venture into the ancient and "unholy abyss" in a game the developers liken to Dark Souls or XCOM played on Ironman mode.

"Darkest Dungeon is intended for gamers who appreciate a tough-but-fair challenge and want to experience dungeon crawling in a way they never have before," the game's FAQ reads. "You will recruit, equip and manage a stable of over 16 heroes, and watch as their experiences organically mold and shape them in positive, and ... not-so-positive, ways. The combination of innovative combat and the truly unique Affliction System breathe fresh life into one of the oldest and most popular genres."

Darkest Dungeon is slated for a 2014 release on Linux, Mac and Windows PC, but the developer is "considering all appropriate options at this point in development, including consoles and tablets."

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