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Defiance DLC trailer introduces Dark Matter Arkfall events

A new trailer for Defiance focuses on the new Dark Matter Arkfalls developer Trion added to its MMO shooter.

According to the official community site, there are two types of new Arkfall events, Major and Minor. Minor events last for up to 20 minutes and might pit players against waves of Dark Matter enemies or task them with destroying an Arkfall core. Major events, on the other hand, might last as long as an hour. The official post mentions only one Major event, a multi-stage battle in which players must contend with both Dark Matter waves and an Arkfall core before taking on the Monolith itself.

Players who participate in Arkfall events will get rewards like money, XP and Keycodes as well as Lockboxes for defeating the Monolith.

These new events were added to the game alongside the Castithan Charge Pack DLC.