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How Game Freak designs Pokemon without overlapping

Pokemon games are loaded with pocket monsters, and the designers at Game Freak have a system to make sure that they don't overlap each other's designs, graphic design lead Hironobu Yoshida told Gamasutra.

Game Freak's team tracks the design progress using a bit of in-house technology that both keeps everyone aware of each other's work and even inspires new creations.

"Since there are 20 of us and we're working all on our own ideas, we want to make sure we're not overlapping ideas," Yoshida said. "At Game Freak, we have an internal server where we can upload our designs and share them with everyone else on the team. This allows us to see what everyone else is working on and get ideas from each other."

Among the most important Pokemon to Yoshida are the starters — those players use at the beginning of each game.

"I think they're absolutely necessary to the Pokemon games," he said. "Personally, I think they're the ones that should be on the packaging. They're really the face of that generation, and I think even as designers, they feel a bit more special to us than some of the other Pokemon."

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