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Report: PS4 won’t support Bluetooth or USB chat at launch

The PlayStation 4 won't support chat over Bluetooth or USB headsets at launch, Game Informer reports.

A Sony representative told the publication that updates will bring support for Bluetooth and USB headset chat sometime after the console's launch on Nov. 15. We've reached out to Sony to confirm the report and will update this article with more information as we have it.

The PS4 will ship with a mono earbud headset and microphone combination (pictured above) for chat. A representative for Sony told Polygon at San Diego Comic Con 2013 that the PS4 will support PlayStation 3 wireless headsets, though it sounds like they won't be supported on launch day.

Microsoft reversed its initial policy and announced in August that its next-gen console, the Xbox One, will ship with a bundled headset of its own on its Nov. 22 release date. The company later reversed another policy and announced that it will produce an adapter that allows players to use Xbox 360 and third-party headsets with the Xbox One.