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Stardock launches Kickstarter for physical Dead Man's Draw game

Stardock Corporation launched a Kickstarter campaign this week for a physical card game called Dead Man's Draw, based on the mobile game of the same name.

The 2-4 player game tasks players with taking turns drawing cards, combining their special abilities and plundering loot.

"The core of your turn in Dead Man's Draw is all in the flip: pulling the top card off the deck and using its special ability," the Kickstarter page reads. "Your turn isn't over until you say it is, though. You can keep pulling cards as long as you like — until you play a card of a suit already seen, at which point you lose everything. Knowing when to stop and ‘bank' your cards is the biggest decision you make in Dead Man's Draw, but being too timid lets braver opponents pass you up with bigger, more profitable turns."

As of this writing, the crowdfunding campaign has received $715 in pledges of its $16,500 goal from 26 backers. You can see the physical card game in action in the Kickstarter pitch video above.

Late last month, Stardock announced the formation of Stardock Mobile, a division focused on mobile strategy games. Among the first three titles in development was the iOS version of Dead Man's Draw, which was released through the iOS App Store for $1.99 this month.

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