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Vlambeer's Nuclear Throne live now on Steam Early Access

Nuclear Throne, Vlambeer's top-down roguelike shooter formerly titled Wasteland Kings, is available to purchase now on Steam Early Access.

The Early Access version of Nuclear Throne costs $12.99, and will be frequently updated as Vlambeer releases weekly patches and livestreams their development of the title. This partial version still has a lot of content to chew through, including four explorable worlds, seven playable characters, a couple of boss fights and a bunch of weapons and skills to unlock.

"By buying Nuclear Throne you can support Vlambeer and the rest of the team while they're working and livestreaming the development of the game," the game's Steam description reads. "You'll receive a new build of Nuclear Throne pretty much every week. After launch, when all the live development is over, the game will be available for slightly less than the Early Access price."

For more on Nuclear Throne, check out our PAX Prime 2013 preview and interview with Vlambeer co-founder Rami Ismail.

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