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UK retailer Game selling Pokemon X and Y early, says 'competitor' broke street date

The U.K. electronics retailer Game is selling Pokemon X and Y today, despite its Oct. 12 street date.

A Game store in Bournemouth announced in a tweet that "all Game stores" will be selling the game beginning today.

A representative for the company contacted online today explained the sales are possible because "a competitor broke street date - so other retailers can now sell this title." When asked, the representative said they were "unable to give you information on the competitor - you will need to contact Nintendo regards [sic.] this."

Nintendo recently published a pamphlet warning Brazilian retailers that the company would withhold all future shipments if they began selling Pokemon X and Y before Oct. 12.

Pokemon X and Y are scheduled to be released tomorrow worldwide. For more on the game that serves as "the renovation this series has deserved for over a decade," be sure to read Polygon's review.

Shaun McIlroy contributed to this report.

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