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Surge Deluxe headed to PS Vita in 2014

Surge Deluxe, an updated version of FuturLab's match-three game, is headed for PlayStation Vita in 2014, developer Dave Gabriel announced today on the PlayStation Blog.

Its predecessor, Surge, was released for PlayStation Mobile last December, and Surge Deluxe is an outgrowth of that original game and a response to fan feedback.

"Surge Deluxe is FuturLab's response to feedback received from top players on those leaderboards (and from the NeoGAF community)," Gabriel wrote. "They demonstrated a deep understanding and appreciation for Surge that was way beyond anything we could have anticipated!"

The upcoming game will remove the color requirement for multiplier blocks, add new combiner blocks that allow players to create their own multipliers and add a new "chain linker" block that allows players to chain chains of different colors together.

In Surge Deluxe, colors will also be represented by unique shapes to aid colorblind players like Gabriel. The scoring system will also be reworked in Surge Deluxe, and the game will feature leaderboards and trophies.

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