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Viscera Cleanup Detail cleaning up Shadow Warrior's bloody mess

A Viscera Cleanup Detail standalone mini-game for Shadow Warrior has been launched, available free for owners of Flying Wild Hog's gory combat game.

RuneStorm's Viscera Cleanup Detail is all about a janitor cleaning up the gore and body-parts left behind after a space-marine epic battle. Shadow Warrior is an over-the-top first-person combat game based on an equally over-the-top '90s hit of the same name.

"When our team first saw Viscera Cleanup Detail on Steam Greenlight we absolutely loved with the idea of a person out there that had to clean up after big battles in FPS or horror games," said Michal Szustak, studio head at Flying Wild Hog. "RuneStorm has done a tremendous job in taking a key scene from Shadow Warrior and recreating its aftermath to form a fun and hilariously frustrating mini-game."

Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior is available free to all owners of Shadow Warrior via various digital retail outlets.

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