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Marvel: Avengers Alliance coming to Android Nov. 21, Thor content unveiled

Facebook and iOS social game Marvel: Avengers Alliance is coming to Android on Nov. 21, Marvel officials announced today during their New York Comic Con panel.

The developer also walked the attendees through new content coming to the title, including new characters and gameplay addition.

The team revealed a new Spec Ops mission for the game, which is based on the Thor: The Dark World movie. In the mission, players journey to London in an attempt to stop Malekith and the Dark Elves from marching on Midgard. Heimdall joins the Avengers as the reward hero, while players can unlock a brand new version of Loki as the Lockbox hero. Kurse will be the mission's Group Boss.

In the third chapter of Season 2, players will continue to unravel the mystery of the Circle of 8. New villains the Kingpin and Sin make their debut, and Original Daredevil will be the Chapter Mastery reward.

The team also revealed that the next PvP character reward will be Domino, while the new Lockbox reward following Loki will be Sabretooth.

Deadpool will be the reward hero for the next PvP season in the iOS version. In addition, players should stay tuned for the Punisher and Beast to soon be available for recruitment.

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