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Ouya entering external storage closed beta

Android-based console Ouya is rolling out external storage through a closed beta, according to an announcement on the system's official website.

The post includes details on the latest update, which adds video support and several bug fixes. It also explains the reasoning behind a closed beta for the external storage addition.

"It's a big feature and there are a ton of different types of external storage out there, so we felt it was best to roll it out in stages," the post reads. "The staged rollout allows us to easily gather feedback and achieve the best possible product in the end ... If this beta is successful, it can pave the way for us to try and introduce more features earlier in their lifecycle."

Invites will be sent out this week. Those wishing to participate can still sign-up.

As of last week, Ouya has a roster of more than 25,000 developers. The Android microconsole had a somewhat bumpy launch in June. Kickstarter backers received units late, and the company's recently launched Free the Games Fund underwent scrutiny after several projects were accused of fraud.

For more on the console, check out our review of its hardware, interview with Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman or our in-depth look at its launch.

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