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Here's what WayForward's Silent Hill DS game might have looked like

Silent Hill: Book of Memories wasn't the first time developer WayForward Technologies dipped into the series, according to a video recently posted on its Twitch channel.

Designer and director Adam Tierney explained that in 2006, the team created a demo of "what we thought Silent Hill would look like" on the Nintendo DS system. The footage begins at 8:35 and is fairly rough. However, it presents a fully polygonal game that uses assets and themes from Silent Hill 2, as well as the game's protagonist, James Sunderland. Watch the video above to see James wander through a creepy room and work through the demo's first puzzle.

The video also features a second Silent Hill demo the developer used to snag its job on Silent Hill: Book of Memories. The demo begins at 23:30. Like the first, it features a character exploring a strange room.

Silent Hill: Book of Memories launched for PlayStation Vita last year. It introduced several new elements into the series, including role-playing aspects and co-op gameplay.

The next level of puzzles.

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