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Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC owners offered Director's Cut for $4.99

PC players who already own Deus Ex: Human Revolution will be able "augment" their copy with the game's Director's Cut at a heavily discounted price, Phil Elliott, head of community at Square Enix Europe announced on the Square Enix blog.

Owners of Deus Ex and Missing Link DLC can grab the Director's Cut for $4.99. (£3.49/€3.99). Those who don't own the game can purchase the Director's Cut for $19.99 (£12.99/€19.99) and players who own the game without DLC can buy it for $9.99 (£6.99/€7.99). The upgrade offer only applies to the Steam version of the stealth game.

"Pretty straightforward, and that means that if you did invest in Human Revolution in the past, we're not trying to stitch you up with the Director's Cut, m'kay?" Elliott wrote.

In development for 18 months, Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut includes the game's downloadable expansion, The Missing Link, the Explosive Mission Pack, the Tactical Enhancement Pack, an additional called mission "Tong's Rescue" and boss fight enhancements. The second-screen functionality will be introduced to the PlayStation 3 via PS Vita and on Xbox 360 through SmartGlass.

"Not only that, but there's a New Game + feature, so you can replay through the action with all your previously-earned upgrades intact (which, trust me, is a LOT of fun)," Elliott wrote. "There are developer commentaries (English-only) plus the original Making-of video."

The Director's Cut will be available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 for $29.99, Wii U for $49.99 and Windows PC on Oct. 22. It will release in PAL regions on Oct. 25. Check out the video to witness the features of Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director's Cut in action.