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Dragon Quest 8 smartphone footage demonstrates controls and UI

Gameplay footage of the smartphone version Dragon Quest 8 showcases the port's touchscreen controls and user interface.

The footage, captured and uploaded by Famitsu, demonstrates a player moving through the world using touchscreen controls and navigating the menus during a turn-based battle against four enemies.

It was revealed earlier this month that the first eight titles in the Dragon Quest series are coming to mobile devices throughout Japan. According to Square Enix's official website for the ports, the games will release on Android and iOS-operated devices.

Cloud gaming company Ubitus announced in late September that it is working with Square Enix to bring Dragon Quest 10 to mobile devices through the Ubitus' GameCloud service. Players will be able to interact with the game using touchscreen controls or with a Bluetooth joystick. It is expected to be published this winter in Japan, initially through NTT Docomo's dGame platform on the dTab Android tablet.

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