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League of Legends boss gets Twitter account hacked, new card game prototype revealed

League of Legends honcho and president of Riot Games Marc Merrill was at the receiving end of a hacked Twitter account over the weekend, resulting in the posting images for a reportedly new standalone card game called League of Legends: Supremacy.

In a series of tweets from the hacker, as documented by Kotaku, it is stated the game was completed but never released. Images of the game's log-in screen and card templates were published on Merrill's account, followed by a threat to expose further information about the title unless the Riot president emailed the user to tell him otherwise.

"This is the real Marc," wrote Merrill following the hack. "Account's back in my hands ....

"Yup, someone got onto my Twitter account. Yup, someone shared some old screens from one of the many prototypes we've experimented with," he explained.

"We're always working on a variety of new ideas for League & beyond. Lots of experimentation that may never see the light of day :)."

League of Legends: Supremacy was first trademarked by the studio last year. We have contacted Riot for comment and will update when more information is available.