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GTA 5 stunt bike video defies the laws of gravity

YouTube user "Daffmeister187" proves that Grand Theft Auto 5 players can take their bikes just about anywhere — whether it be land or sky — in his latest video compilation for the title.

The stunt video, which was posted as part of the GTA fan group Nomad Union, shows four minutes of the game's protagonists flying and flipping their bikes through the air, then falling into perfect landings. Bikes skip railing and scale walls in some gravity-defying tricks. In one case, the player manages to flip a car off a ramp, into the air and into an upside-down landing on top of a tall building.

GTA 5 players can try these tricks at home, but be sure to work on those landings — some of the higher jumps look like they could wipe you out in a second. Check out the video above for a look at what happens when all laws of physics go out the window in GTA 5.

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