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Catch the NYCC demo of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 here

A new video from Square-Enix walks the player through the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy 13 demo that the veteran JRPG studio showed at last week's New York Comic-Con.

In the demo, Lightning is in an area of the world called the Wildlands searching for a special white Chocobo. The demo shows off the combat, with Lightning switching between different job classes (and costumes) on the fly; while she's using one the others' resources regenerate, encouraging frequent swaps.

The demo shows some of the game's equipment customization before Lightning takes on a monstrous boss to save the wounded Chocobo.

Check out our thoughts on the demo, including an interview with the game's producer and long-time Final Fantasy veteran Yoshinori Kitase.

Lightning Returns hits Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in February.

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