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Star Citizen trailer advertises the galaxy's most popular spaceship

A new Star Citizen trailer takes the form of an in-universe advertisement for the latest model of a popular spacecraft.

In the trailer, a prospective buyer ponders the different options he wants on his 2944 model year Aurora: Should he spring for extra cargo space, bigger guns and rockets, or perhaps a fancy leather pilots' chair?

On the game's website (which masquerades as a site for the fictitious Roberts Space Industries, makers of the Aurora), the craft is described as dependable and customizable, "the perfect beginner's ship." Players can pledge between $25 and $45 in real-life money to the game's development funds and be rewarded with an Aurora of their very own when the game eventually launches.

Star Citizen is currently planned for a launch in late 2014. Backers who have already pledged money to the game can download the game's hangar program to take a look at how their ships, like the Aurora, will look in-game.

As of the end of September, Star Citizen had raised more than $20 million in crowd-sourced funding.

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