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PvP combat arena Wolves' Den ready for Final Fantasy 14 winter update

A new trailer from Square Enix offers more details about Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn's Wolves' Den PvP arena.

Wolves' Den was announced earlier this year by director Naoki Yoshida, when he promised regular updates and content drops for the MMO. The arena opens for four-vs-four player combat this winter, featuring PvP-only actions that grant recovery from sleep, bind and other enfeeblement effects.

The forthcoming update will also introduce player housing, new battles, quests, dungeons and the appearance of The Crystal Tower that "fans of Final Fantasy 3 will be eager to visit," according to Square Enix.

The company has also announced a Halloween promotional event called "All Saints' Wake." From Oct. 18 through Nov. 1, the world of Eorzea will be decorated with ceremonial lanterns and special costumes. A circus troupe is on tour offering a quest. "Never forget that All Saints' Wake is a time for tricks as well as treats," according to promotional material.

A free World Transfer Service has also been announced, running from now until Oct. 21, allowing players to move servers to different worlds, without charge.

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