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Killzone: Shadow Fall’s Support class offers versatile play

The Support class in Guerilla Games' upcoming first-person shooter, Killzone: Shadow Fall, is "arguably the most versatile" of the game's multiplayer classes, according to a new developer diary for the PS4 launch title.

The Support class offers recovery to other players with its Revive Drone — a hovering medical robot that can bring critically wounded players back to health. Each player that is successfully resuscitated will come back with additional ammo and a temporary 25 percent health boost.

"Fulfilling the crucial supporting roles that enable other players to complete objectives and continue to fight, Support players form the backbone of any successful team," the post reads. "Advanced Support players will pay close attention to the flow of battle and the current mission objectives, adjusting their secondary abilities between spawns if necessary."

Players will be able to tailor their Support character with a choice of five secondary abilities: Air Support Drone, Spawn Beacon, Turret, Supply Box and Support Teleport. These abilities allow players to deploy a drone or firing turret, set up temporary spawn points, teleport players or offer aid through additional health and ammo.

Guerrilla Games previously detailed the game's Scout and Assault classes. KIllzone: Shadow Fall is slated for launch exclusively on PlayStation 4 Nov. 15.

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