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Ouya CEO and Ultima Online developer to speak at GDC Next

The inaugural GDC Next, a conference that will be held in Los Angeles from Nov. 5-7, will include speakers like Ouya CEO Julie Uhrman, Ultima Online designer Raph Koster and former Magic: The Gathering business manager Skaff Elias, it was announced today.

GDC Next is the spiritual successor to GDC Online, which was previously held in Austin, Texas. and focused on online gaming. GDC Next focuses on the future of video game development.

According to Gamasutra, Uhrman's talk will cover "Why Now Is The Best Time Ever To Be A Game Developer." Koster's talk will be about expanding the definition and audience of games, while Elias, who is now at game consulting firm Three Donkeys, will talk about tweaking luck and skill in game design.

GDC Next will run concurrently with the App Developers Conference at the Los Angeles Convention Center.