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Galactic Civilizations 3 coming to 64-bit PCs from Stardock

The third entry in Stardock's Galactic Civilizations series of 4X space strategy games is coming exclusively to 64-bit PCs, the company announced today, heralding "a new era of game development at Stardock," according to a release.

Galactic Civilizations 3 promises a host of new features, including online multiplayer, a new diplomacy system that opens non-military paths to victory and "vastly improved" visuals.

"The technology allows players to experience a level of graphical detail and on-screen activity unprecedented in large-scale strategy PC games," said Stardock Entertainment vice president Derek Paxton. "It dramatically increases the size and scope of the maps, and opens the door for modders to add a virtually unlimited amount of new content to the game."

Additional gameplay changes coming to Galactic Civilizations 3 include new interstellar terrain elements like black holes and an overhauled ship builder that lets players control "nearly every element of starship design."

While Stardock did not reveal a release timeframe, the developer is opening up a pre-order program through its website. Players who purchase the $39.99 "Founder's Edition" will get early beta access to the game and $10 off the normal price. A $99.99 "Founder's Elite Edition" includes all future expansions and downloadable content, access to the Gal Civ 3 alpha and the right to name an in-game star.

More details are available at the Galactic Civilizations 3 website.

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