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Mo-capping GTA 5's torture scene was 'another day at the office,' says Trevor's actor

Steven Ogg, the voice and motion capture actor for Grand Theft Auto 5's Trevor, said during a panel at New York Comic Con this weekend that capturing the controversial torture scene was "just another day at the office."

As reported by IGN, Ogg said that the scene was plagued with more technical difficulties than moral ones. During the scene, Trevor tortures a man who he has been accused of withholding information about an impending terrorist attack — however, both the player and Trevor know he is innocent. During the scene, which there is no option to skip, players are asked to pull the man's teeth out and waterboard him.

Ogg said that during motion capture sessions, the actors were more focused on getting through a shoot without messing up than they were the ideological implications of the script. Motion capture required them to wear spandex suits covered in tiny silver balls that would help the computer read and recognize their actions, as well as cameras mounted on their heads that protruded about a foot away from them.

Ogg was more worried about bumping into the other actor than thinking about the ethics of Trevor's actions, he said, calling the whole filming process for the scene "just another day at the office."

During the same panel, it was revealed that Franklin's voice actor Shawn Fonteno and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas' voice actor Young Malay are currently working on a project together. Read our review of Grand Theft Auto 5 here.

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