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SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow trailer explores futuristic metropolises

A new gameplay demo for Cities of Tomorrow, the first expansion for this year's reboot of SimCity, explores how different cities in a region work together in a futuristic setting.

The first city we're shown is the research hub city that houses the Academy, a building that engineers new technologies like clean fusion reactors and maglev trains. It works in conjunction with the second city, an industrial powerhouse that manufactures a valuable substance known as Omega. Omega can be shipped via drones to minimize traffic, and the Academy can research ways to clean up the pollution that results as a byproduct.

The workers in these two cities largely come from the third city, designed as a residential zone. City planners can construct gigantic towers that contain residential areas, offices and shopping malls so that inhabitants can live their lives in one massive building.

Cities of Tomorrow launches Nov. 12 on EA's Origin service.

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