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Infinite Crisis' newest fighter is a radioactive alternate Green Lantern

The latest champion to join Turbine's DC Universe MOBA Infinite Crisis is Atomic Green Lantern, a hero who is slowly being killed by the radioactive power ring he wears.

A close-combat bruiser, Atomic Green Lantern's passive ability gives his basic attacks extra damage every time he uses a damaging skill and causes them to apply "rads" to enemies hit. Enemies who receive four rads will be slowed and suffer damage over time, encouraging him to stick to a target.

His first ability, Grab, does exactly what it sounds like and pulls Atomic Green Lantern's target to him, similar to LoL's Blitzcrank and Dota's Pudge. Scorched Earth slams the ground to create an explosion, and the irradiated earth explodes a second time after a short delay. Shards of Will shields Atomic Green Lantern from damage and grows stronger as nearby foes carry more rads, and his ultimate skill Meltdown shoots a spike at an opponent, causing AoE damage to all enemies around them. Meltdown bounces to another target if the current target dies or gains four rads.

Infinite Crisis is currently in beta testing.

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