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Clicking Bad replaces cookies with meth

Cookie Clicker had players clicking on a cookie to make more cookies. Clicking Bad draws inspiration from television show Breaking Bad and replaces cookie clicking with cooking and selling crystal meth.

The free browser-based game, which is still in beta, works in a similar way to Cookie Clicker. Players click a button to cook a batch of meth. They click a second button to sell the batches of meth. As they make more money, they can buy property and items for cooking meth (which increases production), and hire people to help them sell meth (which increases revenue). Property includes abandoned trailers, used RVs and storage sheds. Distribution channels include common street thugs who serve as dealers, drug vans and drug mules (who, for only $920, will stuff drugs up their rectum and distribute them).

Players can also buy upgrades to improve the quality of their meth and increase the trust of clients. For example, a $500 porkpie hat will keep the sun out of your eyes, allowing you to make an additional 50 batches of meth at a time. Prescription glasses will make buyers feel they can trust you, allowing you to sell an additional five batches at a time.

As players cook and sell more meth, their chances of getting busted by authorities will increase. The game offers the thrill and danger not present in baking cookies.

The developer is currently accepting donations to maintain and upgrade the game's server.

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