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MonoGame is getting a PS4 port

MonoGame, an Open Source implementation of the Microsoft XNA 4 Framework, will offer a PlayStation 4 port soon, the team behind the technology recently announced.

Microsoft XNA is a set of tools provided by Microsoft for making games. It was announced earlier this year that the company is no longer actively developing the toolset, and that XNA is no longer supported on Windows 8 or Windows RT. In light of this, alternative implementations like MonoGame were created to port XNA games like Fez, Skulls of the Shogun, Bastion and Infinite Flight to other platforms.

MonoGame currently allows its users to port their XNA-developed Xbox 360, Windows and Windows Phone games to iOS, Android, Mac OS X, Linux and Windows 8 Metro. PlayStation Mobile and Raspberry PI development are currently in progress, as is the PS4 port that was recently announced.

All current ports of MonoGame will remain free, but the PS4 port will be a commercial offering "due to the proprietary nature of console development," the developers wrote on their website.

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