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Mighty Switch Force 2 hitting Wii U eShop Oct. 17

WayForward Technologies is unleashing Mighty Switch Force 2 to the Wii U eShop on Oct. 17 in North America for $5.99 and Oct. 25 for other regions, according to the developer's official Twitter account.

WayForward Technologies launched the puzzle platformer on the Nintendo 3DS eShop June. Hints that Mighty Switch Force 2 was coming to Nintendo's console first arose in July when the Wii U version was listed with the European video game rating board, PEGI. The studio later confirmed in August that the game was in development for Wii U.

The original title in the series, Mighty Switch Force, received overhauled visuals and new stages when it was ported from 3DS to Wii U last year as Mighty Switch Force Hyper Drive Edition.

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