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Here's what you need to know for Wednesday, Oct. 16

Nintendo touts Pokemon X and Y's record-breaking sales

The latest entry into the beloved franchise has sold more than four million units worldwide since its international launch on Saturday. For reference, the Pokemon series has sold more than 245 million games worldwide to date — and X and Y's climb up the charts proves that there's still great passion for the series.

Watch Dogs delayed to 2014, Ubisoft delays open-world racing game The Crew, Ubisoft drops financial targets following Watch Dogs and The Crew delays

Ubisoft delayed its open-world technological thriller Watch Dogs to spring 2014 and its racing game The Crew to the 2014-2015 fiscal year. Ubisoft also revised its financial targets for the current fiscal year — which includes Rayman Legends and Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag — following the announcement of these delays. Expected sales were dropped from between €1.42 billion and €1.45 billion to between €995 million and €1.05 billion. Here's what we think of Watch Dogs' delay.

Hands-on with Magicka: Wizard Wars, which hits Steam Early Access today

David Nisshagen, lead designer at Paradox North, told us that Magicka: Wizard Wars' frantic action was inspired by Capcom's Street Fighter series. We spent some hands-on time with the spell casting PvP game and found that its refinements from the previous title, Magicka, make it welcoming for old and new players alike.

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