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The Witness's open world could take up to 40 hours to complete

The Witness on PlayStation 4 was initially designed to be an eight-hour game, but after fleshing out the its open-world the development team discovered it will take players between 25 and 40 hours to complete, according to a post from creator Jonathan Blow on the PlayStation Blog.

According to Blow, the team decided to play The Witness through from start to finish a few weeks ago, only to find that their initial concept had grown into a much larger product.

"Originally I had meant to design an eight hour game, but The Witness is more like 25-40 hours depending on how much you play (some of the game is optional)," he wrote.

In The Witness, players will explore an island packed with puzzles. Players will be able to go wherever they want on the island at any time, and Blow notes the game "does not try to force you into a linear path." At this point in development the team is detailing each area, Blow said, as the island itself has been fully built "in a gameplay sense" for the past few years.

"On the tech side, we are working on making The Witness run with a smooth and solid frame rate, making the graphics look as nice as possible, and ensuring that the streaming system loads things quickly," Blow wrote. "We wrote our own engine for this game, so on the one hand, it means we get to do a lot of work; but on the other hand, it means we have precise control and can tweak it carefully until it is the highest-quality experience we can deliver."

The Witness was announced for PS4 during the console's unveiling event in February.

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