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Random Runners, Type:Rider and Monsters Adventures - Mobile Watch List

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Because you don't know quite enough about the history of typography.

Random Runners (iOS)

From the developers behind the Random Heroes series comes Random Runners. It basically takes the charming art style from previous games, while adding in a forever-runner mechanic to make the game more about survival and less about exploration. A decent entry in the series, but not as strong as the first two Heroes games.

Type:Rider (iOS / Android)

Platforming and the history of typography, together at last! Type:Rider is a peculiar blend, but nifty art and a solid physics engine make it worth checking out, especially if you're a burgeoning Johannes Gutenberg.

Monsters Adventures (iOS)

Now that the new Pokemon is upon us, you may be wishing that it was more action-oriented and less turn-based. Monsters Adventures offers up a Pokemon-esque experience (in that you're collecting monsters and powering them up) while keeping the gameplay closer to a Zelda-style RPG.