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Contrast gets a jazzy new trailer, pre-orders open

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A new trailer for Compulsion Games' puzzle-platformer Contrast focuses on the game's Jazz Age-inspired soundtrack.

Didi longs to meet the father who left her and her mother when she was younger; she imagines him having left to come up with a plan to fix everything. Enter Dawn, Didi's imaginary friend, a vaudevillian performer with the power to shift into shadows.

The trailer showcases the game's environments, but the real star is the soundtrack: a vocal jazz number performed by a sultry singer and her backing band who, like Didi's father, seem to exist only in shadows.

Contrast is now available for pre-order; users who pre-order it on Steam will immediately get a copy of the game's soundtrack. The game is scheduled to hit Steam, PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade on Nov. 15.