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Payday 2 pre-order DLC, demo now available (update)

Payday 2 players on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 can now purchase the game's Lootbag add-on for $4.99, publisher 505 Games announced today.

The DLC pack includes a military red dot sight for rifles and shotguns; some in-game cash; a skull mask; a black and red mask; and an "I love Overkill!" mask. The Lootbag DLC was previously exclusive to pre-order customers.

In addition, a Payday 2 demo is now available on Xbox 360; it will eventually be released on PS3 as well. The demo allows players to go through the first 10 levels of the game's progression system.

You can read our full review of Payday 2 here.

Update: A representative for 505 Games told Polygon that while the publisher had originally planned to keep the Lootbag DLC a pre-order exclusive, it eventually decided to release the content on the Xbox Games Store and PlayStation Network. In addition, said the rep, 505 Games did not originally say the DLC would never be available outside the pre-order offer.

The company has since replaced the DLC image with the one you see above. As for a Lootbag release on PC, the rep said 505 is "working with Overkill [Software, the developer of Payday 2] to find out if that will happen." We've updated the article to reflect this.

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