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Velocity Ultra headed to PS3 this year

Velocity Ultra is headed to the PlayStation 3 this year, according to a post by Curve Studios PR and marketing manager Rob Clarke on the PlayStation Blog.

Futurlab's remake of the PlayStation Mini shooter Velocity was released for PlayStation Vita in June, and the PS3 version will include the graphical updates, trophies and leaderboards that premiered on the handheld.

The upcoming PS3 version will not support cross-buy or cross-save with other versions, and Futurlab managing director James Marsden explained why in the blog post's comments.

"Since we (Futurlab) self published on PS Vita, and Curve Studios are publishing on PS3," Marsden wrote, "it wouldn't make any financial sense for Curve to publish if it were Cross-Buy (because so many people got the PS Vita version for free on PlayStation Plus). We thought it was better to have the game on PS3 without cross buy than not at all. Hope you can understand this..."

He also explained that the because it has two publishers, "(which are both small with limited budgets to make this stuff happen), it would have been too much work to do cross save as it is a complicated process."

Velocity Ultra's PS3 will, however, share trophies with its handheld counterpart, and Marsden apologized for any disappointment the news may cause.

"Sorry if you're disappointed by this," he wrote, "but again it's the only options we had available!"

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