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Blackguards launch pushed to January 2014

Blackguards, the turn-based role-playing game from Deponia creator Daedalic Entertainment, is now set to launch in January 2014, the developer announced today.

The 40-hour long title was originally expected in the third quarter of this year. According to senior producer Kai Fiebig, the developer wants to "ensure the highest quality, even if we tread on new ground."

"Most of all, we want the players to enjoy the finished game," Fiebig said. "All the time we've gained now will be used to put as much effort as possible into improving the game. We'll optimize performance, implement new features and also polish the visuals."

Blackguards is Daedalic's first RPG. In addition to strategy-influenced gameplay, the title includes classic genre elements; players venture forth with a unique party equipped with weapons and spells.

Blackguards is being developed for Windows PC.

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