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Boogerman reboot seeks Kickstarter funding

Toy Ghost LLC is seeking $375,000 via Kickstarter to fund a 20th anniversary reboot of Boogerman — a 2D platformer inspired by the "Garbage Pail Kids generation."

The project is spearheaded by Mike Stragey and Chris Tremmel, the game's original designers. According to the Kickstarter page, the reboot will feature "core mechanics" from the original title, including platforming, gas-powered attacks and power-ups. Boogerman will include six different worlds with 18 full levels and 36 bonus areas for players to explore. Players will also get access to new mechanics, such as swimming, sliding and wall jumping, in addition to an expanded story, overhead map and more.

Backers can donate in tiers ranging from $5 to $10,000. Rewards include a final copy of the game, a digital art book, soundtrack, backer forum access and more. The campaign also has several stretch goals lined up. At $400,000, the game will include full-voice over. If $420,000, is reached, it will feature twice as much music.

The original Boogerman, A Pick and Flick Adventure, launched in 1994 for Sega Genesis. The game followed the adventures of Boogerman as he flicked, burped and farted his way through Dimension X-Crement.

You can watch Stagey and Tremmel's pitch above. Funding efforts will end Wednesday, Nov. 20. If funded, Boogerman is expected to launch for Windows PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Wii U in November 2014.

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