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How a fan designed a plasmid in BioShock Infinite's upcoming DLC

BioShock Infinite's upcoming Burial at Sea downloadable content will include a new plasmid designed by a fan of the dystopian first-person shooter series, IGN reports.

In May 2013, Joe Trinder, an artist who said he typically designs "t-shirt type graphics," posted a poster he'd created in the 2K forums. It advertised an "Old Man Winter" Vigor, BioShock Infinite's analog to BioShock's plasmids. That post made its way to the developers at Irrational Games. Within a month of the postings, Irrational purchased the design from Trinder for use in the DLC.

"I just saw the piece of art and I was like, 'Holy shit, this is fucking great!' then talked to the legal department to see if we could use this, because we love it," BioShock mastermind Ken Levine told IGN. "Generally, I go to DeviantArt all the time, and I have my favorites I pull stuff off, and I'm constantly trying to think of ideas about how to leverage the fan community, because some of them are amazingly talented."

For more on BioShock Infinite's Burial at Sea, which will take players underwater and back to Andrew Ryan's Rapture, be sure to read our recent hands-on impressions.

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