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Monaco busting onto Linux on Monday with free new content

Pocketwatch Games is set to unleash its action-stealth game Moncao: What's Yours Is Mine onto Linux "along with a ton of free/new content" Oct. 21, according to a post on the game's official Facebook page.

When Monaco launched on Mac in July — along with Steam Workshop and level editor support — players who bought the Windows PC version of the title were able download the Mac release for free. Dubbed "The Mole's Workshop," the level editor allows gamers to create custom Monaco missions and maps and share them with friends.

Monaco launched on Steam for Windows PC on April 24. The XBLA version was delayed a day before its launch when a bug was discovered that disconnected four-player matches and was later released on the console May 10.

For more information about Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine, be sure to read our review and our feature on Pocketwatch Games, where we speak to the studio's founder Andy Schatz.

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