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Random House moving into games development with Catch the Berry

Book publisher Random House is making a move into mobile games development with the introduction of simple touchscreen-based mobile title Catch the Berry, the company told GamesBeat.

Catch the Berry was developed by the low-profile game studio Smashing Ideas, a Seattle-based subdivision of Random House that previous developed eBooks and interactiive apps for the company on a contractual basis.

Catch the Berry was one of 17 possible game ideas brainstormed by the team. Smashing Ideas built the paid-download title in Unity while prototypes of the game focused on its mechanics such as real-time physics, line-drawing and tilting.

The game required roughly five months to complete with four employees, while a larger employee base contributed to the game at different times. The game features 80 levels; however, an exact release date and price point are yet to be revealed.

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