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Mutant Football League misses funding goal, but work on the title will continue

The Kickstarter campaign for Mutant Football League, a revival of EA's Mutant League Football led by the series' original designer, closed out yesterday having made less than 20 percent of its $750,000 crowdfunding goal, according to the campaign page.

The campaign attracted 1,105 backers and pulled in $141,821. In the page's latest post, creator Michael Mendheim wrote that he and his team — which includes Chicago-based Robomodo Studios — won't be giving up on the game, and in the coming weeks will tackle "all the Kickstarter e-mails [he's] so behind on" as well as ship graphic novels to winners of a contest the company held on Facebook.

"Sad day for sure but want you all to know we're not going to give up on Mutant Football," he wrote. "We're going to keep fighting to get this game to market. Here's what's going to happen over the next couple of months."

Mendheim plans to put together a "preliminary plan" for Mutant Football League and will share these details with people on the mailing list, host surveys and refine ideas. He will continue to involve Kickstarter backers and those who are interested in the project and will continue to collect feedback from them.

"Once again, thank you so much for your kind words and support," Mendheim wrote. "It really kept me going through all the ups and downs. I'm also sorry I didn't do better for you guys. Hopefully, we'll be able to make it up to you. I come out of this experience very humble but also with a renewed hunger and passion to get this right and see this dream through. I don't know if Kickstarter backers give projects and creators a second chances, but sure hope so."