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Zynga co-founder Justin Waldron leaves the company

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Justin Waldron, a member of the founding team at Zynga, is leaving the company, he announced on his Facebook page yesterday.

"I've decided it's time to leave Zynga and venture off on my own again," said Waldron. "It's been six and a half years since we pushed the button to launch our first game, and each moment since has been magic.

According to his Quora page, Waldron, 25, was one of the first developers to create a Facebook application when the company launched the service's app platform in 2007, which got him noticed by Zynga co-founders Mark Pincus and Eric Schiermeyer. Waldron served as lead engineer on Zynga Poker (originally known as Texas Hold'Em Poker), the company's first game, and later dropped out of the University of Connecticut to join Zynga full-time.

"It's incredibly humbling to have worked with such a talented team," Waldron continued on Facebook. "I am grateful to have had the chance to help build a company that touched so many people. Thank you to everyone who has been a part of it — both in the trenches and for playing the games."

Waldron provided no details on his future plans.