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A pair of Ryse story trailers tells twin tales of revenge

A pair of cinematic trailers for Ryse: Son of Rome focus on the game's narrative and legends.

The first trailer, seen above, recounts the game's plot: Marius Titus, a skilled commander and soldier, returns home to find his family killed by barbarians. Vowing revenge, he raises an army to deal with the barbarians himself.

The second trailer seems to have less to do with the game's plot than it does with building its world. It relates the legend of Damocles, a skilled warrior who was abandoned to die by his cowardly generals. Furious at the treatment of a brave soldier, the goddess of revenge Nemesis sent Damocles back to the realm of the living as a specter of vengeance to slaughter those who had betrayed him. Roman generals, says the trailer, carried daggers with images of Damocles to remind themselves never to abandon their armies.

Ryse: Son of Rome will be a launch title for Xbox One on Nov. 22.

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