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German website cracks the PS4's case, reveals hard drive

German website Computer Bild cracked open a PlayStation 4 developer kit recently, revealing that the next-gen console's hard drive is just a popped top away.

As you can see in the photo above, the hard drive appears to live inside of an enclosure situated beneath the glossy top left panel, when the PS4 is situated horizontally. A Google translation of the website's German text refers to the unit as a "developer console," so it's possible that the final product that will ship to consumers Nov. 15 may differ from what's pictured.

Sony revealed the PS4's external design at E3 2013. Earlier this month, chief designer of Sony's UX Platform Design Group, Tetsu Sumii, explained on the PlayStation Blog that he "wanted to make a simple object for the living room. Sometimes products are a little too exaggerated. It should be simple. That's my thinking."

You can see the rest of the teardown in photographs, including some PlayStation-branded screws, at Computer Bild.

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